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FINGER FOOD €12.50 (3 items p.p.)
Select five options

  • Blini with salmon mousse, horseradish cream and trout calf

  • Blini with goat cheese mousse, red beet jelly, hazelnut mayonnaise, passion fruit crunch and Vene Cress

  • Triple cooked potato, tarragon mayonnaise, green herb mustard and watercress salad

  • Gin & tonic watermelon, sake yogurt and mint

  • Cherry tomato bonbon with sambai lemon jelly

  • Spicy tuna oublie, katjang pedis, puffed quinoa, Ghoa Cress and Borage Cress

  • Peking duck on carcass with smoked ponzu and hoisin dressing (one duck per 12 people)


  • Kalamate olives

  • Popchips

  • Roasted corn

* Prices excluding VAT, tablewares and materials.


  • Mix of small patties filled with chicken, salmon and cheese (2 p.p.) €3.25

  • Crudité with fresh vegetables and quark cucumber dip €4.25

  • Bitter garnish with spicy shrimp Oma Bobs bitter balls, cheese stalk and yakitori (3 p.p.) €6

  • Cold cuts board with Mortadella, Coppa di Parma, chorizo, Pata Negra, cornichon, pickled shallots and mustard mayonnaise (price p.p.) €4.50

  • Mini cheese burger Black Angus €5.75

  • Chicken yakitori, sesame and spring onion skewers €5.25

  • Fries with Béarnaise sauce €4.75