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Flying dinner


Flying dinner

For the Flying dinner menu we offer 7, 8 or 10 course menus. Bread, butter and olive oil will be provided on the tables.

Prices excluding VAT, tablewares and materials.

  • 7 courses € 52.50

  • 8 courses € 60.00

  • 10 courses € 70.00


Eggplant pita
Pita, baba ganoush, cottage cheese, eggplant creme, spring onion

Basque beef carpaccio with toasted Catalan bread, tomato and espuma of Parmesan

Tomato Salad (vegan)
Fresh tomato salad, pickled ginger, thyme and rosemary vinaigrette and citrus crème

Quinoa and avocado salad (vegetarian)
Quinoa and avocado salad with pickled vegetables and little gem

Beef stew
Brioche with beef stew and duxelles, sweet and sour celeriac

Eel A’DAM Style
Eel with brioche, verbena crème, eel oil, chlorophyll of green herbs and marshmallow of string beans

Guinea Fowl pâté
Guinea Fowl pâté, pan-fried peach, Pedro Ximenez jelly

Zarzuela (vegan)
Spanish vegetable stew with tomato compote, bell pepper, parsley and almond

Glass Noodles
Glass noodles with rettich, roasted Thai eggplant, pickled cucumber, carrot, shallot and vinaigrette of mint and coriander

Chicken from Bresse with a creamy velouté, green peas, green asparagus and toasted Turkish bread

Lukewarm 'Opperdoezer' potato salad, Beurre Noisette espuma, chives, potato cracklings

Haddock, basmati rice, little gem, tartare of prawns, spicy mayonnaise and gravy of coconut

Fillet from Rubia Gallega
Fillet of Rubia Gallega beef, crème of black garlic, carrot, Combava leaves, potato croquette and emulsion of lettuce

Fig pie
Fig pie with pistachio crème, fig compote, fig wedges and lemon balm

White chocolate brownie
White chocolate brownie, granité of white chocolate, cremeux of citrus and hazelnut crumble

Selection of cheeses (supplement)
An arrangement picked by the Chef

Fruit cocktail
Fruit cocktail marinated in tarragon, Granny Smith sorbet, ginger jelly, white chocolate espuma