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Breakfast menu



  • Croissant

  • Mix of brown and white sourdough bread

  • Selection of cheese, ham, salami, Filet American

  • Mini jar of jam and butter

  • Yoghurt with cruesli and dried fruits

  • Fresh fruit

  • Milk and fresh orange juice

    Pick one item*:

  • Luxury sourdough sandwich with home-made meatloaf of veal served with French mustard

  • Luxury sourdough sandwich with omelette Thai style (Thai herbs, vegetables and coconut)

  • Luxury sourdough sandwich Vitello Tonato (slow cooked veal, tuna mayonnaise)

    *) If you want to add more than 1 item, every extra item is € 5,75 excl. VAT per person

*All prices are excl. VAT but incl. memories you’ll never forget.