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Full-service catering


A’DAM Events offers full-service catering: from an extensive breakfast to a fast lunch and from a quick bite to a sit down dinner at a high level.

When it comes to our kitchen, we believe the city and the province should go hand in hand. That’s why we choose for local, appetizing products that come with an authentic story. We are proud to offer Tony’s slave free chocolate, Van Menno’s pure bread,

the Dutch fries from Frietboutique and artisanal cookies by De Koeckenbackers. Responsible entrepreneurship plays a major part in our company and influences directly what lands on our plates.

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Shiran Mieras

Chef de Cuisine


At the helm of the A’DAM Events kitchen team you can find Shiran Mieras. The born South Korean grew up in Zeeland, is a cheerful guy and likes to be challenged. Shiran used to dream of becoming a professional football player, but after a short career as a striker in the second class of the Dutch League, he decided to devote himself to cooking.

He recently landed in Amsterdam after working for The Jane in Antwerp for a few years. He started as a sous chef, after which he was asked by his teacher Sergio Herman to become more involved. Through an acquaintance, Shiran ended up at the A’DAM Tower, something he would never have dared to think of when he first saw the Tower up close a few years ago when he visited Eye for the premiere of Sergio Hermans film. In addition to a culinary click, Shiran also sees the musical click with A’DAM. He finds songs the most beautiful if they have a rich history. He also finds them in football, for example the song Diego sang after Brazil got defeated by Germany during the 2014 world championship. "It doesn't make any sense," Shiran says, "but so typical Diego! "

He describes his cooking style as tasteful and with an eye for detail. He likes to mix the classic French cuisine with worldly influences - just a bit more exciting. “For example, a vinaigrette does not only consist of oil and vinegar, but there is so much more you can do with it. In addition to being rich of flavor, it is also important that the ingredients of a dish are well-balanced."

Shiran finds it important that guests know that he will always give his best in the kitchen. Everything is possible. He describes himself as a perfectionist and likes to use his talent to achieve the best results. In a more coaching role, he hopes to be able to convey his pursuit of perfection to others. A nice example of this is the king crab, where Shiran and his team started experimenting with the yarn. "In the classical way we would do this at 63 degrees, but with this crab we saw that the proteins were solidifying at this temperature". After having dropped one degree every time, the team achieved a perfect result at 58 degrees. It is quite some work, but for Shiran an important part of the process: "this way dishes become interesting and unforgettable".